Mona Clydene (Spear) Zirpel was born in Miami, Florida, lived in several southern states for five years, then family moved to South Dakota. Remaining in S.D. she married; working full time jobs while raising two children. She also has seven grandchildren. She always had a strong desire to be a writer or journalist. In 2000, her poem: A True Friend written after 8th grade was published in the book; The Chamber of Dreams of the International Library of Poetry.

She is very passionate about writing and researching her family history. When her children had families of their own, she has spent over 10 years researching and updating her family history as well as her husband & family history.

She has been described by family, friends and coworkers as a very energetic person, organized with a goal in mind working on the best quality possible, good hearted, honest and very trustworthy. She is persistent and does not give up easily.

She has dedicated the printing of this family history to Erwin Karl Zirpel, who graciously and eagerly assisted her with the use of his paper records. Erwin encouraged her to continue the researching, publish a book and never quit.

After this book, she will continue to writing her family & history in a series of books and maybe later try some fiction writing in her retirement.